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ACSR/AAC Conductor

ACSR stands for Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced and AAC stands for All Aluminum Conductor. AAC and ACSR conductors have been widely used in many of our substation projects. Recently, we have used a huge quantity of ACSR conductor in our River Water System turnkey project in Rajasthan, India.

Our vendor is a renowned brand with a global rank, and maintains high quality of end products. Being a member of various standardizing committees like Bureau of Indian Standards, our vendor makes sure that its products are tested and certified at various laboratories in India and all across the globe. Some renowned names used for such testing and certification include CESI – Italy, NETFA -South Africa, EDF – France, ERDA – Vadodara, India, NSIC – Kolkatta, India, CPRI -Bangaluru, India and Tag Corporation – Chennai, India for our conductors of 500 kV HVDC & 800 kV AC transmission system, in addition to distribution conductors of Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Bangkok.

We have been associated with our vendors for more than 15 years now and have met our clients’ requirements satisfactorily by using their products. Widely used categories include Weasel, Dog and CANNA ACSR Conductors. We also cater to several international clients with our ACSR exports, AAAR exports, and all aluminium conductor exports, among others. We have also supplied bare copper conductor exports, dog exports, moose exports, and hyna exports to our esteemed clients.

Factors/ Grounds for Conductor selection :

  • Maximum operating voltage
  • Fault Level
  • Load to be carried
  • Possible overloading duration and magnitude
  • Route length and voltage drop
  • Mode of installation considering installation environment such as ambient & ground temperature chemical & physical properties of soil.
  • Flame retardant properties

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