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Power cables are the most essential component of any electrical project. Though they aren’t the costliest of products, you won’t be able to do anything without them. There exist a vast variety of cables used across thousands of kilometers for power transmission, and some varieties used by us consist of PVC / XLPE Power Cables, HT Cable, Control Cables, Control and Instrumentation Cables, including various other types of cables.

Our chosen vendor is into cable manufacturing for more than 4 decades now and boasts of a production facility that facilitates power cables of any rating and any standard. Recently, we have taken up LV cable exports and offered cables to some of reputed international customers. We have got cables manufactured as per our clients’ specifications and made sure that they adhere to their chosen standards.

Factors/ Grounds for Cable selection :

  • Maximum operating voltage
  • Fault Level
  • Load to be carried
  • Possible overloading duration and magnitude
  • Route length and voltage drop
  • Mode of installation considering installation environment such as ambient & ground temperature chemical & physical properties of soil.
  • Flame retardant properties

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