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Insulators are widely used on all our transmission line projects. Two important classifications of the insulators that are widely used are Disc Insulators and Pin Insulators. Made up of Porcelain, Polymer, Wood or Glass, such insulators are used to isolate a wire from physical support (pole). Post insulators are somewhat similar to Pin Insulators but the former can be used for both lower and higher voltage, while the latter is appropriate for higher voltage application. We have recently taken up polymeric insulators exports, strain insulators exports, and disc insulators exports for some of our reputed international clients.
Working Voltage Working voltage depends on the project requirements. Indian standard voltage levels chosen are 11KV, 22KV, 33KV
Strength Pin :

10 KN

Disc :

45 KN, 70KN, 90KN, 120KN
Standards Mostly as perIS:731, BS:137,IEC:383

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